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At this time, we would like to share with you about some of the meaning of the code printed on the bottle label car lubricant oil. Since most of those among us confused with the code and there is also new in the world of vehicle want to know more about the code.

Normally you will see that there is code on the lubricants bottle label like SAE10W50. What is the meaning SAE10W50? Here is a brief description of the inferred ..

SAE is an abbreviation for Society of Automotive Engineers which is a professional body for automotive engineering. Lubricants oil was graded according to SAE standard. Grading lubricant oil depends on the viscosity index, which at a certain temperature, the lubricant oil is no longer able to function and protect the engine.

Other name related to lubricant oil
API (American Petroleum Institute)
STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers)
NLGI (National Lubricating Grease institute)
ILMA (Independent Lubricant Manufacturer Association)
ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association)
JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization)

W(“winter”) was the “rating” lubricating oil viscosity has been tested at a cold temperature and the figures shown without W has been tested at high temperatures. So, 10W is the viscosity of the lubricating oil in a cold engine temperature and 50 was the level of lubricating oil viscosity in a hot engine temperatures. In the seasonal cold, lubricants which have a low viscosity is very important to facilitate the vehicle engine to turn on. While the number after W means that the viscosity of a lubricating oil when the temperature of the engine is hot. The larger the number, the higher the resistance of the lubricating oil to heat engine operating temperature.

Each “rating” lubricants oil have a certain level of resilience, if passed the prescribed level. lubricants oil can not work as a lubricant (oil freeze or thaw).

SAE10W50 is a “multigred” lubricant oil because this lubricant oil has a viscosity rate that can change from less viscous at cold temperatures to more viscous at high temperatures. If lubricant oil only appear SAE40 or the like. It is the monograde lubricant oil bacause have either a single viscosity during cold or hot temperatures. Code like SAE10W50 and SAE40 can be seen on the label located on the bottle of lubricant oil.

Although in Malaysia do not have winter, multigrade lubricant oil also played a role, and it also has become a standard set by the vehicle manufacturer. For consumers who are often faced with traffic jams, especially in large cities, the use of lubricants oil which have high viscosity when the engine is hot is encouraged. This is because, when the vehicle stop, the engine cooling system normally expect to help the air flow will be less effective. The rate engine operating temperature will increase and this time the lubricant oil will play a role in helping to absorb the heat generated from the operation of an engine. Lubricants oil have a higher API grade usually will work better.

For now, the lubricating oil is made of “synthetic” or “semi-synthetic” is the best if want compare with menirals oil. Both types of these oils usually are mixed with addictive and the price is quite expensive. If the price is cheap, perhaps things that are addictive found in it a little. Users who use mineral lubricants oil may increase this addictive manually as there are different types of addictive that is available in market now.

Addictive have variety of uses such as anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant, anti-foam and various other anti. For users of lubricat oil synthetic or semi-synthetic that mix the addictive is a waste.

In conclusion, the selection of lubricants oil depends on the type of vehicle used and it should be viewed from various angles.

Source : joul-zero

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