Recognizes Car Engine Components

1. Spark plug

Spark plug will produce fireworks to burn a mixture of oil and air. The spark plug must always be in good condition for produces complete combustion.

2. Valve

Inlet valve will open during fuel and air mixture in the combustion spatial, while the exhaust valves are closed. Both valves are closed during compression and combustion combustion chamber is sealed. The exhaust valve opens after burning finished aims to remove the exhaust fumes.

3. Piston

Cylindrical piston made of cast iron. It will move up and down in the engine block.

4. Piston ring

Piston ring serves as a protector of friction between the piston and cylinder.
Ring function is:
•They prevent the fuel and air mixture during combustion spatial compression and combustion processes.
•Prevent entry of oil into the combustion area, where it can cause the engine oil is reduced. Most of the car engine oil applies will be reduced and should be added every 1,000 miles because the car’s engine was old and the rings no longer seal properly

5. Connecting Rod

Rod penghubung akan menyambungkan antara rod dengan aci engkol. Pergerakkan aci engkol akan menyebabkan piston bergerak ke atas dan kebawah.

6. Crankshaft

Crankshaft will move the piston up and down in a constant motion.

7. Camshaft

Camshaft is equipment used in piston engines to open and close the valve. It consists of a cylindrical rod across the engine with some elliptical cam, one for each valve. Cam opens the valve by pushing or intermediate mechanisms, while it is rotating.

8. Scavenger
Scavenger is at the very bottom of the engine. It will make the engine oil in the oil reservoir, and wetting all parts of the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. This oil will reduce friction and can prolong the lifespan of engine parts.

Source : duniaenjin

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