Max Fire Safe (MFS)

Portable Fire Extinguisher

Moving to a new generation of fire extinguishers, an innovative product has been developed to realize the effectiveness of fire prevention. As an advanced fire suppression system, an aerosol is first adopted in the Russian aerospace technology. It is created with solid fuel burning rocket flight.

Max Fire Safe (MFS) is a fire extinguisher which latest technology based aerosol material which features portability. Max Fire Safe is a portable fire extinguisher based aerosols. It has been recognized ISO 9001:2008 and tested by SIRIM QAS Malaysia.

Alat Pemadam Kebakaran Max Fire Safe

Portable Fire Extinguisher Max Fire Safe

Max Fire Safe is a smallest portable fire extinguishers in the world compared with conventional fire extinguishers. For the latest inovative product, Max Fire Safe effectively efficient protect against small fires in the home, car, office, school and other.

Compared with conventional fire extinguisher which have pressure, Max Fire Safe has several advantages such as no pressure, small size, no annual maintenance cost, do not leave side materials and non-toxic.

  • Non TOXIC
  • SMALL Size & LIGHT Weight
  • Without PRESSURE
  • GREEN Technology
  • Not Leaving Side Materials

For more info, visit : www.maxfiresafe.com

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