MPC Platinum

Max Power Controller (MPC) Platinum Model

Max Power Controller (MPC) can be considered state of the art equipment and the most perfect because it completed with its own function apart that meet users desire and this product created specific with it extraordinary capability in stabilizing the vehicle electrical current and stabilize combustion of fossil fuels, smooth driving, reduce the pressure on engine and add the acceleration for each car that uses it. MPC also suitable for all types of vehicles without any side effect to the vehicles. It also developed based on based of the best japan microchip that has been studied and can be use for all vehicles in and outside the country. MPC also exacerbated by the use of the components of the world’s best LED, electric current flowing through the LED provides excellent support so that it can maximize the function and advantages of it microchips to every vehicles that uses this device. Max Power Controller (MPC) helps save up vehicle oil to 45%,

Max Power Controller Platinum

Max Power Controller Platinum

Max Power Controller by innovation is much more advance and effective fuel saving devise compared to other fuel saving devise in the market. It saves fuel in the range of minimum 15% and up to maximum 45%. The MPC is only designed for 12V vehicles such as cars, SUV, MPV, 4WD etc. but not to be used on heavy vehicles such as lorries, buses or trucks. Benefit of MPC as follows:-

  • Save up vehicle from 15% until 45%
  • Protect vehicles electronic systems
  • Add more pick-up and acceleration power
  • Improve horse power
  • Improve engine torque
  • Reduceengine pressure
  • Stabilize battery voltage
  • Cooler air-conditioned,
  • Smoother gear shift
  • Brighter headlight
  • Clearer audio systems
  • Cleaner emission
  • Prolong battery lifespan and spark plug

All the above benefits can be enjoyed within three seconds once plugged in into the car cigarette lighter socket. The MPC also comes with 20 Month Warranty and it is certified safe by Standard Industrial Research Malaysia or SIRIM QAS International, a Malaysian ISO standard certification body. For information, the MPC does not need any maintenancetoo. In term of specifications, MPC is about 10.5 cm long and weighing less than 10gm per unit.

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