Brake System Care

Brake system is a main component in ensurring the car running smoothly. Without the brake system that function properly, most likely you will exprience a road accident.

Brake system is one of the most important element to ensure the car running smoothly. Without a stable braking system, car is likely to be overturned or having to brake while in the fast condition. As car owner, we need to know how to take care brake system to prevent car from damage.

1. Every once a month, check the oil level of your brakes (front of the vacuum pump oil bottle). Make sure the oil is the between the minimum and maximum standards. NEVER DRIVES IF OIL BRAKES LEVEL UNDER MINIMUM LEVELS.

2. Every 6 month when we want rotate our car tires, check the brake pads. Make sure the grip is still thick layer. If we find the claw ‘eats’ is not the same between the left and right, ask the mechanic check the brack oil duct system or brake pressure system due to possible brake pressure exerted on the both brakes are not the same and this is very dangerous to driving, especially braking during high speed. The same thing should be done to brake drum.

3. If there any traces of brake oil discharge (visible paint or any material derived from petroleum melted) in any part, ask the mechanic to examine. Do not take this things lightly because this leaks maybe small but will become larger due to the pressure exerted on it.

4. During adding oil break, make sure the oil brake is correct specification. Dot 3 for normal (usually a car with a disk in front and at rear drum) and Dot 4 for heavy use (for car with four wheel drive system and high powered car). If not sure ask the mechanic because oil brake mistake can cause our whole brake system will be damage especially on seals made of rubber.

5. If there any scratches on the disk or drum, ask mechanics to evaluate whether can be applied again or not. If we want to charge the brake pads, I recommended teaser back the disk or switch to a better drum. These scratches can be an obstacle to the brake pads grip the disc or drum. As a result, the brake will not work.

6. Damage that oftens occurs is brake jam. This occurs because the brake pads do not return floating when we release the brakes and continue to grip the disc. Damage is at the caliper that control brake pad.

7. For auto car, front brake pads will wear faster than rear (usually twice the speed doubles), make sure you always check front brake pads.

8. If you want to modify your car brake system, make sure you get written permission from JPJ because it is the offense and the insurance company will not cover you if the accident occured due to brake system and your brake system has be changed without authorization following JPJ permission level.

9. When driving, avoid the foot from remains on the brake pedals. This can reduce the use of the brake pads.

10. While descending a steep hill, do not use the brakes, otherwise use engine brake (low gear) to control your car speed.

11. If you like to drive fast and aggresive, convert your car brake pads to more resistant to heat, such a project U. Make sure you change the brake oil channel system to coated steel channel. This ensures that your car brake system to function in conditions of pressure and high temperature reaction and response your brakes will be more quickly when pressed pedals.

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